Save Our Youth

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Save Our Youth

What is SOY?

Save Our Youth (SOY) is a state-funded program, reducing incidents of gun violence in the northeast and southwest quadrants Rochester.

Works with high-risk individuals residents, businesses, and community-based organizations to implement coordinated strategies to reduce and prevent shootings and killings in Rochester. Save Our Youth is part of the division of criminal justice services funded state-wide SNUG network.


What Does SOY Do?

  • Identifies and engages high-risk youth in case management

  • Prepares and organizes the community accordingly

  • Conducts youth outreach and mediates conflict

  • Prepares public education campaigns

  • Involves faith leaders

  • Supplies referrals to local agencies

  • Provides presence in the streets where neighborhood shootings occur

  • Raises community awareness of shootings through rallies and walks

Participant Testimonials

  • “I love SOY because my life is better. They helped me get a job so I can take care of my daughter.” - #4 Eastside.

  • “I haven't felt this motivated in so long. SOY has given me hope.” - #7 Westside

  • “I thank SOY because my life is better and safer. They helped me with my problems in the street.” - #3 Eastside.

  • “I would like to thank SOY for all that they do. They helped my family.” - #11 Westside

Participant Eligibility

  • Ages 16-25
  • Likely to shoot or be shot
  • Weapons carrier (Gun, Toast, Gap, Chopper)
  • Recently released from prison for a gun charge or other violent charge
  • Active in street violent lifestyle and high-risk activity
  • Resides in the northeast or southwest quadrants of Rochester


After making an appointment, Isabel Rosa (or someone on her team) will contact you with further information.

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