Energy Conservation Program

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Energy Conservation Program

What is ECP?

Energy Conservation Program (ECP) is a federally-funded program with a primary goal to reduce heating and cooling costs for low-income households within the City of Rochester, where gas or oil is the main heating source. The program’s main department is the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), which specifically helps repair and replace appliances and focuses on health and safety issues in homes. Through ECP, there is over 20% annual average savings in energy bills.

Staff certifications include:

  • BPI Heating Professional
  • BPI Building Analysts
  • NREL Quality Control Inspector

Partnering with the City of Rochester, Monroe County, Rochester Safe and Efficient Housing Initiative (RSEHI), and Path Stone, ECP works with all partners to make sure homes are livable and safe.


What Does ECP Do?

  • Seals house cracks and holes to reduce outside air from entering

  • Provides window, doors, and heating system repairs or replacements

  • Insulates hot water tanks, pipes, house perimeters, attics, and walls

  • Installs energy-efficient lighting to reduce energy usage

  • Cleans and fine-tunes furnaces (when efficiency is below 75%)

  • Replaces refrigerator as approved by the Housing and Community Renewal (HCR)

  • Makes minor repairs to ensure installed weatherization materials will perform correctly

  • Reduces energy-related health and safety issues

Participant Testimonials

  • “Through Action for a Better Community, Neighbor Works, Rochester City of Rochester Windows Program, and the Rochester Safe and Efficient Homes Initiative (RSEHI), Joyce Vereecke and her family have received a new sewer line, insulation, a high efficiency furnace, air sealing, a new door, other health/safety and weatherization interventions, AND eight new windows that close and lock. Tonight, for the first time in two years, Joyce will be sleeping upstairs in her own bed.”

  • “Our house was so dark and closed off, but now our home is welcoming, brighter and much warmer, thanks to the weatherization services that we received through ABC”. - Henry and Cora Brown

  • “Mohamed Gazali, a blind immigrant from Somalia, received weatherization work through ABC as well as grants through the RSEHI to get a new roof allowing his family to stay in their home in the Maple Wood neighborhood in NW Rochester.”

Participant Eligibility

  • Homes in the City of Rochester
  • Where renters are the occupants, the homeowner has to make an owner investment of a minimum of 25% of the cost of which all of the investment less 10% for construction management fees are used to assist in the weatherization costs.
  • Homeowners who meet the income guidelines are eligible for free services. Eligibility for renters are based on the renter’s income, the application is a joint application between tenant, landlord and the agency.
  • Proof of ownership, a current year property tax bill or deed
  • Furnace maintenance agreement (if applicable)

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  • RG&E bill (current bill, all pages)
  • Oil bills for 12 months (if applicable)
  • Social security cards or birth certificates for all family members
  • Renters or homeowners, based on income guidelines

Income level at or below federal guidelines. Current income verification for last 30 days:

    • Last 4 consecutive pay stubs (if paid weekly)
    • Last 2 consecutive pay stubs (if paid bi-weekly)
  • Social security or SSI award letter for current year
  • Unexpired public assistance budget sheet
  • Child support or alimony stubs (last 4 consecutive) or legal documentation
  • Bank statement for direct deposit of SSI/SSD
  • Worker’s compensation award letter, (if current)
  • Unemployment breakdown




After making an appointment, Shinita Hlywa (or someone on her team) will contact you with further information.



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