Sponsorship Opportunities

In January of 2021 ABC hosted its virtual Signature Conference series entitled “Racism is a Public Health Crisis – Attacking the 2 Pandemics”.   Like us, we are sure that many are surprised, some disappointed, and some frustrated, that we are still feeling the effects of COVID-19.  Less surprising is the fact that, as a nation, we continue to struggle with the varied and disparate impacts of racism.  In response, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts are under way in a plethora of organizations; be they private, public, religious, educational, etc.  Notwithstanding these efforts, which we are in favor of, the systems that allow systemic racism to thrive; the systems that propagate poverty and facilitate disparate health outcomes based on one’s zip code remain largely unchanged.   Those systems will be the focus of our 2022 Signature Conference Series.

The theme for ABC’s 2022 virtual Signature Conference Series is “Economic Justice for an Inclusive Recovery”. On January 13th and 20th,  we will address the laws and policies needed to repair the historical injustices done by racism, red lining, and other forms of economic marginalization. We want to ensure that the physical and social/emotional health of all people is equitable.  Economic Justice is at the core of the Social Determinants of Health.  It is imperative that everyone has access to what makes a healthy society.

The human toll of the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating. It has also meted out a substantial economic blow to most sectors.  In response the federal government has responded with legislation aimed to address the economic impact.  The American Rescue Plan, CARES Act, and most recently the passage of the Infrastructure Bill, are bringing substantial funding to states and local governments.  This unprecedented funding presents the opportunity to do things differently; to allocate funds with freshly informed equity lenses.           

We invite you to demonstrate your commitment to “Economic Justice” by becoming a partner in this social justice initiative. Your support will enable ABC to convene New York State lawmakers, local legislators, leaders from the health care and humans service industries, business and industry leaders, representatives from the financial sector, judicial systems, and more to determine the best ways to enable equity and justice for all on our way to a new normal.

Conference Series Goals and Objectives:

  1. Identify and discuss laws and policies that are barriers to, and perpetuate economic inequality for families living in poverty
  2. Advance intentional, sustainable, and inclusive economic justice outcomes across multiple systems
  3. Promote laws and practices for Closing the Racial Wealth Gap
  4. Illuminate, promote, and advocate actionable steps for municipalities, financial institutions, healthcare institutions, and other stakeholders to improve and prioritize strategies that will address economic justice for communities of color
  5. Address Social Determinants of Health through the lens of Economic Justice

Join us as we kick-off 2022 with a renewed commitment to “Promoting Equity and Justice for All” by becoming a sponsor. Your support will enable ABC to offer high-quality, cost-effective professional development  designed to improve community outcomes by changing the systems that allow poverty to thrive.

Click here to download the Signature Event Sponsorship Booklet or you may complete your sponsorship online by completing sponsorship form below. For more information on sponsorship and partnership opportunities please contact Sonjia-Edwards Miller at (585) 325-5116, ext. 4110 or via email at

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