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Golf Lives on at ABC!

Our dedicated golf event volunteers, which included people who worked on our raffle committee, the golf committee and those who worked the day of our Annual James McCuller Memorial Golf Outing (July 18th at Cobblestone Creek Country Club) were feted on September 7, 2011 in thanks for their incredible volunteer contributions that helped make our summer event such a success.  All attending received lapel pins pronouncing they are truly ‘outstanding volunteers. ’

We met at the Parkside Diner which is home to the Whispering Pines Miniature Golf Course – the oldest of its type in the country!  We were treated to a big lunch with lots of menu choices –  the turkey club was proclaimed by our CEO, James Norman, as his favorite meal.  The staff at Parkside were great to work with and made sure we all had enough to eat.

After lunch a cake was presented with all the bells and whistles, requiring many of us who ate it to get out on the mini-course to work it all off with some strenuous and competitive putting.  Before we headed out, we made sure to thank our primary golf sponsors:  Bill Bach of Bene-Care, Inc.,  and Dale Trott of DG&M Agency, Inc.  We missed Bill as we shared some special tokens of our appreciation – what corporate executive can’t do without their own personal plastic hippo putter set, replete with lightweight golf putters perfectly sized for the younger set! 

Three teams were formed, and we will call them Team A, Team B and Team C in honor of ABC, Inc.

Team “A” tee’d off first.  William Porter was the team’s ‘pro’…he had extra ‘eyes’ in his shoes to help him keep an eye on the ball.  Janelle McClain had a hole in one and managed some pretty fancy swings on the front 9…Renee Savino-Hondorf had some lucky shots and ended up with the best overall score of 47… which is par for the course. Ruby Austin had a crazy shot where her ball went over the putting green, hung onto the rocks and somehow landed on the final green for that hole.  At the 18th hole, William Porter got a hole in one!

Next up:  Team “B.”  Linda Bryant had the hot putter over the first nine, completing the first 9 holes on par. Aaron Wicks caught some lucky breaks on the back nine and led the foursome with a 51. Morgan Brooks (Bene-Care) – put a scare into the group when she brought out her own putter. She was steady throughout, finishing with a 54. The 18th hole provided the highlights for our foursome: Linda Bryant’s ball took a crazy bounce, jumped the fence and rolled across Culver Rd. Rookie Sonjia Edwards (who had NEVER played miniature golf before…)  started out a little shaky, but was putting with authority by the end of the round. On 18, she had a hole-in-one – one of three ABC aces on the 18th hole.

Team “C” pulled up the rear, with William Porter playing a second round 46, courtesy of his hole in one on the 18th from his Team “A” play. Who says course knowledge doesn’t matter!  He joined James Norman and Joanne Arany to close the course down with some highly finessed playing before the rain reappeared.  As it goes… the real slug out was for second place and Joanne and James would not budge.  Joanne somehow got her ball to go through a phantom hole in a wall obstacle on the 9th to make par and continued to beat down the course as if she was playing for her LPGA Tour Card.  She capped off her performance with the coveted hole in one on the 18th hole.  Note: her free game is forthcoming!  James played masterfully through his round challenging her on every hole with the tenacity of Tiger Woods.  This was highlighted on his chip on the 12th    green which glided ten to fifteen yards through the air stopping two and half feet from the flag.  This shot was truly worthy of the final competition day at Pebble Beach.  When the slug fest ended and the smoke cleared, James and Joanne both took second place with individual scores of 53. 

A good time was had by all.  Thanks to Renee, William and Aaron for capturing the highlights of our game, and THANK YOU TO ALL OUR VOLUNTEERS!


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