Save Our Youth Project (S.O.Y.)

What is S.O.Y.?

S.O.Y. is funded by the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services, and is based on the Chicago Cure Violence model. This model takes a public health approach to the issues of violence:

  • Interrupting the transmission
  • Changing behaviors
  • Changing community norms

The goal of S.O.Y. is to reduce the incidence of shootings, killings, and other acts producing serious personal injury. S.O.Y. focuses on Northeast Rochester.


What Does S.O.Y. Do?

  • Identify and engage high-risk youth in case management
  • Mobilize the community
  • Conduct youth outreach
  • Prepare a public education campaign
  • Involve faith leaders
  • Mediate conflict
  • Provide referrals to local agencies
  • Have presence in the streets in the neighborhood shooting occur.
  • Make shootings important by raising community awareness. through rallies and walks.

How S.O.Y. Outreach Workers and Interrupters Could Help You...

  • Reduce the tension in the neighborhood or block by getting involved in mediating any beef that may be brewing.
  • Prevent retaliation shootings.
  • Provide referrals to local agencies for GED programs, trade skill courses and job readiness programs.

Target Population / Eligibility Criteria:   

A participant is anyone that meets the following:

  • Likely to shoot or be shot.
  • 16-25 years old
  • Weapons Carrier (Gun, Toast, Gap, Chopper).
  • Recently released from prison for a gun charge or other violent charge.
  • Active in street violent lifestyle and high risk activity.
  • Resides in the Northeast quadrant of Rochester.

Contact Information:    For more information or to learn how you can get involved in this initiative, contact Chiara Smith, Program Manager, at 585-305-9504 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .







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