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Neighbors ROC works with groups of people to improve the conditions of their community. Staff works one-on-one with leaders of block groups, neighborhood and tenant associations by providing training, tools and technical assistance. Support is available for group facilitation, assessment, block club development, activity planning and outreach.  Our mission is to help people in poverty by providing training and services, which allow citizens to shape their environment.

Neighbors ROC supports the NBN Alliance.  The Neighbors Building Neighborhoods process was originally designed to nurture a bottom-up, citizen-driven system of government, engaging citizens in formulating community priorities. These meetings are also a great opportunity to share ideas, successes, lessons learned, and opportunities for collaboration.  In Spring 2010 the group decided to call themselves the NBN Alliance. The NBN Alliance is a collection of neighborhood leaders, from block clubs to quad leaders, who come together to share and grow.


Something is happening in your neighborhood…

   Residents are gathering together to bring about change!

Be a part of the change! 


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