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Job summary

Rochester, New York, United States, North America
Career Level:
Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
Bachelor's Degree
Job type:
Full time
$36,500 –$48,500 annual

Nutrition Coordinator

About this job

Program:                    Early Childhood Services

Location:                    49 Stone Street

Position:                     Nutrition Coordinator 

Hours:                        37.5 hrs/wk/52 weeks per year


Summary of Responsibilities:


         To provide leadership and support to nutrition services. Develop systems that           ensure compliance with Head Start performance standards, NY State sanitation       codes and CACFP regulations. Monitor nutrition health concerns and provide             education and training materials on nutrition to parents.  Provide direct oversight of             comprehensive nutrition services and education that affects the nutrition    development of children and families.



Qualifications/Education and Experience:


·         B.A Degree in Food management or related area

·         Registered Dietician, member of American Dietetic Association or a Master’s degree (MPH Or MS) from an approved program in public health nutrition.

·         3-5 years experience in Nutrition administration and supervision.

·         Must have ability to work independently.

·         Must have advanced knowledge of Microsoft  data base management system

·         Requires ability to deal with people at all organizational levels; good administrative, organizational, interpersonal, planning, problem-solving and oral and written communication skills; and an aptitude for directing and motivating people.

·         Must have excellent analytical skills

·         Requires health and physical capability to work in an office or kitchen environment; and to bend, lift and carry up to 40 lbs.

·         Must possess and maintain a valid NYS driver's license and have access to reliable transportation.

·         Must be able to clear OCFS State Central registry and criminal background checks with not restrictions.


Please Forward Resumes/Applications to:


Human Resources Department

Action for a Better Community, Inc.

550 E. Main Street

Rochester, New York 14604

(585) 325-5116




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