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Action for a Better Community, Inc. purchases goods and services for use by all of its locations.  These range from general supplies to equipment and insurance brokerage services.  Purchases in excess of $50,000 require competitive bidding and are administered through the Business Services Department's Office of Purchasing.

Competitive Bidding Process

Requests for competitive bids are issued via a legal notice.  Notices may be posted in the Daily Record as well as with the Dodge Report and CDC News.  Most bid packages can be e-mailed, and all are available in hardcopy format from our Administrative Offices at 550 E. Main Street, 14604.  Bids are awarded to the lowest responsible bidder which considers price, knowledge and demonstrated experience, financial stability, the ability to acquire the necessary personnel and material resources to complete the project successfully, as well as other criteria that may be included in the bid package. 

Request for Quotes (RFQ) Process 

Purchases of goods and services below the $50,000 threshold require three quotes on vendor stationery.  Purchases at this level may also be awarded to Agency Contracted Vendors or obtained via the New York State Contract.


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