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Family Self- Sufficiency Program

49 Stone Street                                    (585) 325.5116 ext. 3400      

Rochester, NY 14604

Thomas Green                                        

A peer support program to help families reach a greater level of self-sufficiency.

Head Start

49 Stone Street                                    (585) 325.5116 x3300

Rochester, NY 14604

Loretta Kruger

Head Start is a comprehensive early childhood development program for low-income families and their children ages 3-5 years.

Lead Resource Program

917 E. Main Street                              (585) 325.7550

Rochester, NY 14605

Steven Turner                                     

Provides information and services to homeowners, tenants and residents concerned with possible residential lead hazards.


49 Stone Street                                    (585)  224.4040

Rochester, NY 14604

Amy MacCallum

Micrecycle is a volunteer based program that refurbishes donated computer equipment to supply high-quality, affordable computers to low-income families, individuals, and community organizations.

Milestones Youth Advocacy & Intervention Program

917 E. Main Street                              (585) 325.5116 x3400

Rochester, NY 14605

Paul McFadden

Intervention services for court involved youth and youth who are at risk of becoming involved in street gangs or street culture.

Action Front Center

33 Chestnut Street                             (585) 262.4330

Rochester, NY 14604

             Renee Savino-Hondorf, MPA

 AFC provides an array of services to adolescents, adults, inmates and families living with and impacted by HIV and AIDS, including testing, outreach and advocacy.

 Community Building in Action

917 E. Main Street                             (585) 325.7550

Rochester, NY 14605

John Greenbaum                           

 CBA engages and supports neighborhood organizations and block groups throughout Rochester. Our mission is to help people in poverty by providing training and services, which allow them to shape their environment and take a greater role in their community.

Early Head Start

49 Stone Street                                    (585) 325.5116 x3300

Rochester, NY 14604

Dawn Breitung

Early Head Start provides center- and home- based services to low-income pregnant women and children from birth to age 3.

Energy Conservation Program (ECP)

917 E. Main Street                              (585) 442.4160

Rochester, NY 14605

Rodney Washington

ECP and EMPOWER provide home weatherization services to reduce the cost of heating expense for families and businesses

New Directions

33 Chestnut Street                             (585) 325.5116 x3203

Rochester, NY 14604

Linda King-Bronner

New Directions offers individual counseling, group counseling and related supportive services to individuals and families facing alcohol addiction and substance abuse.

Youth Employment & Academic Services

             917 E. Main Street                              (585) 325.7550

             Rochester, NY 14605

             Delia Smith

             Provides employment and academic assistance to youth 13 to 21 years old.

Summer Youth Employment

917 E. Main Street                              (585) 325.5116 x3400

Rochester, NY 14605

Delia Smith

Summer employment for youth 14-20 years old.

Sexual Health Promotion through Youth Leadership

33 Chestnut Street                              (585) 262.4330

Rochester, NY 14604

Mary Terziani

Empowering youth leaders to mobilize the community in removing barriers and promoting adolescent sexual health.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

49 Stone Street                           (585) 325-5116 x3400

Rochester, NY 14604

Janelle McClain

Provides free income tax preparation to individuals and families

Ontario County Services

Catholic Charities of the Finger Lakes

94 Exchange St.

Geneva, NY                                           (315) 789.2235

Ellen Wayne 

Catholic Charities of the Finger Lakes provides free health clinic services, emergency services and community advocacy in Ontario County in partnership with ABC.


400 East Avenue

Rochester, NY                                     (585) 340.3300

Stuart Mitchell

PathStone (formerly Rural Opportunities, Inc) provides housing assistance and microenterprise training in Ontario County in partnership with ABC.



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